Wearing My Feathered Hat:
Engaging Change through Seven Dreams

by Johanna Beyers, PhD

A reflective exploration of how dreams and mythology can help define one's journey in life.
"Life finds its own way. Let us embark, then, on a new journey of initiation. Let us go down into the cave and paint the record of our calling."

A rich tapestry of science, philosophy and art, Wearing My Feathered Hat explores how mythology and individual dreaming can aid personal development.

Taking readers on a semi-chronological discussion structured around seven key dream figures – from Bear to Snake – the book provides a map for anyone searching for added meaning in their life. What are the messages we can take from our cultural mythologies, ancestral storytelling and own dreams? What advice can philosophers and theorists contribute to this discovery? How could we use such information for a more meaningful connection to our world and ourselves?

Such are the questions Wearing My Feathered Hat answers with a combination of original ideas, texts from some of the world's great thinkers, and accessible techniques such as sandplay and meditation.

With rich storytelling and insights into living a more fulfilling life, Wearing My Feathered Hat provides a thought-provoking and uplifting message of the power of listening to one's dreams.

"Wearing My Feathered Hat encouraged me to follow my heart to engage the change I want in my life. I looked forward to sitting by our window and continue the journey through seven dreams, and am now very happy I read Johanna’s story: it has inspired a new approach to change for me."
– Judi Hughes, Your Planning Partners

"Johanna Beyers, a geologist, Jungian-oriented psychotherapist and spiritual seeker, shares her own professional knowledge and personal experience as she weaves together the dream world, our beginnings, encounters with the Self, nature and the universe in a way that takes us deeper into our own journey. She wrestles with today’s church, today’s science, and life’s hurts and challenges in a way that encourages growth towards wholeness leading to the reality of the Sacred at the heart of existence."
– Bob Haden, The Haden Institute

"A beautiful, intelligent, poetic and moving book. The choice of words is gorgeous and the powerful imagery made me travel from her dreams, to reality, to dreams of mine."
– Anonymous Reader, 2014

"Partly a memoire and partly the narrative of an individual woman’s quest to find meaning in her life journey as she struggles with the discourses of today’s church and science, this book becomes relevant to all of us as the writer explores the archetypal amplifications of her dreams that take the reader into the heart of the mystery of the living symbol.

Johanna Beyers is a poet and writes meditative prose that is best read slowly to allow time for her images to be taken in and for the reciprocating images that may arise in the reader’s psyche to take form and dreams to be recalled.

I particularly liked the subtlety in the writer’s far-reaching amplifications of the dream symbols that come from a reverence to let the voice of the soul resound more loudly. Completely new for me are the geological amplifications. Here Beyers shows herself to be a gifted teacher and I found myself carried along with her into new territory as she writes, "Geology entered my life as a revelation; I climbed through it as through a hole in order to find, like the ancients, the seed of my becoming" (p.59).

Chapter 8, ‘Snake’s Field,’ is the culmination of the work. It includes a penetrating and moving meditation in which Beyers is at her best as she reflects on the inexhaustible mystery of the image of the Christ and the Virgin. The final chapter ‘A Sustaining Vision’ provides a thought provoking commentary on the quest for sustainability in the natural world."
– Helen Brammer Savlov, Newsletter of the C.G. Jung Foundation of Ontario, Summer 2014
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